SixView Manager Software

SixView Manager Software

Remote Monitoring & Control Software

“SixView Manager Software is flexible remote management software designed to increase productivity and reduce cost for organizations using Sixnet industrial wireless routers. With a web-based console and customized dashboard, users are able to remotely access, configure and manage critical device information for several, even thousands, of Sixnet IndustrialPro® and EnterprisePro® cellular routers from a central location”


SixView Manager Software Overview

Key metrics such as signal strength, data usage, connectivity, IP addresses and alarms are displayed in real time to help simplify troubleshooting. Administrators can remotely set user-based access control parameters, upgrade firmware, configure VPNs and update firewall settings thereby saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Remote site management lowers total cost of ownership
  • Mass configuration simplifies and accelerates deployment
  • Configurable parameters enhance security
  • Manage thousands of devices from a central web-based console



Mass Configuration & Auto Provisioning

  • Saves time and deployment costs
  • Prevents unwanted access with enhanced security
    • Initial unit configuration
    • Firmware updates
    • VPN configuration
    • Firewall policy enforcement
    • Mass unit migration
      • Grouping control
      • Import devices

Remote Troubleshooting & Control

  • Saves truck rolls
  • Enables faster troubleshooting
    • Change and update firmware
    • Change or update policies
    • Remote reboot
    • Delete or modify user access rights

Remote Administration of Multiple Devices

  • Facilitate security compliance
  • Simplify ease of use
    • Configuration changes
    • Job scheduling (single or multi device)
    • Intent-to-edit protections
    • Customize data grid views
    • Control user permissions (control editing capabilities)

Remote Monitoring & Reporting of Key Metrics

  • Provide real-time status
  • Enable proactive decision making
    • Up-time
    • Utilization
    • Signal strength
    • Firmware version
    • ESN, MDN or IMEI
    • IP address

Specifications are subject to change.  Contact Sixnet to learn more.

Version 3 Specification


Unlimited device licenses. Software only – SixView Manager® version 3 (64 bit) provides visibility and management of Sixnet® routers and gateways from a single console. Allows remote monitoring of signal strength, connectivity, IP addresses, and other critical elements. Features include the ability to update and make field changes without individual unit access. SixView Manager software requires a Linux server to run. If you wish to upgrade your SixView Manager installation, please contact Technical Support




SixView Manager Software

Order Guide

Order Guide

Licenses are sold on 25 device bundle. (500 licenses = PART # SN-SVM-25 QTY-20)

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