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700M12 Series

The Red Lion 700M12 Series

700M12 Series

Red Lion’s N-Tron® series 700M12 managed industrial Ethernet switches are designed for applications in extreme environments. Our 700 series support SNMP, web management, Fast Ethernet, and N-View™ which facilitate remote configuration and diagnostics. Housed in rugged waterproof IP67 enclosures, the 700 managed Ethernet switches feature extended shock and vibration specifications, wide operating temperature ratings and best-in-class ring technology, providing 30ms healing times.

Part NumberTotal Ports10/100100 FiberMounting-CaseOperating Temp
708M12. 88-P67-Rated Hardened Metal-40° to 80°C
708M12-HV. 88-P67-Rated Hardened Metal-40° to 80°C
716M12. 1616-P67-Rated Hardened Metal-40° to 85°C
716M12-HV. 1616-P67-Rated Hardened Metal-40° to 80°C

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