IP67 and OEM Industrial Ethernet Switches

Red Lion offers a wide selection of IP67 and OEM Industrial Ethernet Switches for the harshest environments. Available with unmanaged or Layer 2/3 management features, our Ethernet switches provide an incredibly robust solution for mission critical deployments. Red Lion’s industrial IP67 and MIL Ethernet switches are designed to operate flawlessly in harsh conditions and offer best-in-class performance and features.


MIL 300 Series

MIL 300 SeriesRed Lion’s Sixnet® series MIL 300 Ethernet switches feature Layer 3 management in an ultra-rugged housing providing mission critical communication in extreme environments. With up to 16 Gigabit ports, and up to two 10G uplink ports, the MIL 300 switches feature MIL-DTL-38999 series III connectors providing IP67/NEMA 6 rated protection for the wettest of conditions.
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ET Series

ET SeriesThe Red Lion Sixnet series ET industrial Ethernet switches are available with either Layer 2 managed or unmanaged network functionality in an ultra-rugged housing. Available with five or eight 10/100Base RJ-45 Ethernet ports with optional Gigabit and MIL-DTL-38999 series III connectors, the ET switches offer IP67/NEMA 6 protection. Learn more.




100M12 Series

 100M12 SeriesRed Lion’s N-Tron® series 100M12 unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer an array of port configurations, plug-and-play operation and a wide operating temperature range. The 100M12 unmanaged Ethernet switches feature M12 cable connectors and high-tolerance to shock and vibration, which make extending your network to harsh environments easy. Learn more.



700M12 Series

700M12 SeriesRed Lion’s N-Tron series 700M12 managed industrial Ethernet switches are designed for applications in extreme environments. Our 700M12 switches support SNMP, web management, Fast Ethernet, and N-View™ which facilitates remote configuration and diagnostics. Housed in rugged waterproof IP67 enclosures, the 700M12 managed Ethernet switches feature extended shock and vibration specifications, wide operating temperature ratings and best-in-class ring technology, providing 30ms healing times. Learn more.


EB-GT Series


EB-GT SeriesThe Red Lion Sixnet series EB-GT unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches have potted electronics, and are housed in an ultra-rugged housing. Available with eight 10/100Base Ethernet ports with IP67 water-tight RJ-45 connectors, and a MIL-STD-1275 power supply.Learn more.


ET-OEM Series

ET-OEM SeriesRed Lion Sixnet series ET OEM board-level switches are available in five or eight port configurations with layer 2 managed functionality. Models include 10/100 or 10/100/1000 port speeds. This powerful board-level solution enables organizations to save time and money by utilizing a pre-engineered proven platform reducing engineering time and product risk. Learn more.


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