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RAM® 6000 Series

RAM® 6000 Series






The Red Lion RAM® 6000 Series

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM® 6000 cellular RTUs with GPS and multi-carrier 4G LTE support, feature up to five Ethernet ports and a RS-232 serial port. Featuring a web-based event engine that can trigger built-in I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data, RAM cellular RTUs can perform advanced control and communications for monitoring and controlling remote assets and processes in extreme conditions.

RAM 6000 cellular RTUs are available in 4G LTE with multi-carrier support and single-carrier 3G support. 4G LTE multi-carrier models feature the ability to change cellular carrier networks via software selection without the need to replace physical hardware. This gives customers the flexibility to choose from a host of carriers that serve different locations.

Natively supporting Modbus and DNP3 protocols, RAM 6000 industrial RTUs include digital and analog I/O. Built-in I/O helps to eliminate the need for external I/O to control applications. Our cellular RTUs are available with an optional split-LAN (WAN/LAN) architecture and features up to five 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports. They also feature one RS-232 serial port supporting serial-to-IP conversion.

Event Engine:
With an intuitive web-based, menu-driven interface that requires no knowledge of programming languages, the powerful RAM event engine can quickly be configured to trigger actions when pre-defined alarm values are met. For example, if a tank level is too high or a pressure level is out of range, the RAM event engine will not only cycle a relay to stop a pump or close a valve, but can also send text message notifications to alert when actions should be taken.

Designed to deliver secure communications to remote locations, our industrial cellular RTUs support robust security features such as VPN tunnels, port forwarding, stateful firewall, packet filtering, data encryption and an Access Control List (ACL).

Each RAM 6000 cellular RTU can be managed locally through direct device connection or remotely via SixView Manager® software. Our flexible remote management software package is designed to increase productivity and reduce cost for organizations using Sixnet series industrial cellular RTUs. With a web-based console and customized dashboard, users are able to remotely access, configure and manage critical device information from a central location.

Part NumberCarrierNetworkPortsPower Input
RAM-6700-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-AT-ACAT&T4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-AT-MXAT&T4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-GEGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-GE-ACGeneric4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-TETelus4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-TE-ACTelus4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-TE-MXTelus4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-VZ-ACVerizon4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-VZ-MXVerizon4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6701-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-AT-ACAT&T4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-BMBell Mobility4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-GEGeneric4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-GE-ACGeneric4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-TETelus4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-TE-ACTelus4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-VZ-ACVerizon4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6721-ATAT&T4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-AT-ACAT&T4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-GEGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-GE-ACGeneric4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-TETelus4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-TE-ACTelus4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-VZVerizon4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-VZ-ACVerizon4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6900-AMGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-EUGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-AMGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-EUGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6921-AMGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-ATAT&T4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-EUGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-VZVerizon4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6600-SPSprint3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-SP-ACSprint3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6600-SP-MXSprint3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-VZVerizon3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-VZ-ACVerizon3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6600-VZ-MXVerizon 3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6601-SPSprint 3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6601-SP-ACSprint3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6601-VZVerizon3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6601-VZ-ACVerizon3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6621-SPSprint3G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6621-SP-ACSprint3G5AC Adapter
RAM-6621-VZVerizon3G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6621-VZ-ACVerizon3G5AC Adapter
RAM-6800-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-AT-MXAT&T3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-BMBell Mobility3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-BM-MXBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-GE-MXGeneric3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6801-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801-BMBell Mobility3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801EB-BMBell Mobility3G1PoE
RAM-6821-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6821-BMBell Mobility 3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6821-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter

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