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106FX2 MDR Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch, ST 15km

The Red Lion 106FX2 MDR Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch, ST 15km

106FX2 MDR Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch, ST 15kmSpecifications:

  • Unmanaged Plug and Play Operation
  • 6 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch
    • Four 10/100BaseTX RJ-45 Ports
    • Two 100BaseFX Singlemode 15km Fiber Ports with ST Connectors
  • Compact Size, Small Footprint
  • IEEE 802.3 Compliance
  • Extended Environmental Specifications
    • -40° to 70°C Operating Temperature
    • >2M Hours MTBF
  • RJ-45 Ports Support Full/Half Duplex Operation
  • Auto Sensing Speed and Flow Control
  • Up to 1.2 Gb/s Maximum Throughput
  • Store-and-forward Technology
  • LED Link/Activity Status Indication
  • Redundant Power Inputs (10-30 VDC)
  • Hardened Metal DIN-Rail Enclosure
  • Metal DIN-Rail Clip Included

Data Sheets



106FX Range

Part NumberTotal PortsOperating TempIP RatingMountingCasePower InputFiber TypeFiber Distance Rating
106FX2-SC. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal 10-30VDCMultimode2km
106FX2-SC-MDR . 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCMultimode2km
106FX2-ST. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCMultimode2km
106FX2-ST-MDR. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCMultimode2km
106FXE2-SC-15. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode15km
106FXE2-SC-15-MDR. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode15km
106FXE2-ST-15. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode15km
106FXE2-ST-15-MDR. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode15km
106FXE2-SC-40. 6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode40km
106FXE2-SC-40-MDR.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode40km
106FXE2-ST-40.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode40km
106FXE2-ST-40-MDR.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode40km
106FXE2-SC-80.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode80km
106FXE2-SC-80-MDR.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode80km
106FXE2-ST-80.6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode80km
106FXE2-ST-80-MDR6-40° to 70°CIP30DIN-Railmetal10-30VDCSinglemode80km

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