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IP67 Water & Corrosion-Proof Connectors

IP67 Water & Corrosion-Proof ConnectorsMilitary-Rated Industrial Connectivity

Sixnet IP67 Water & Corrosion-Proof Connectors ensure rugged, reliable connections indoors or outdoors. Our EB-RJF-BLKHD industrial bulkhead (through-wall) connector provides a watertight pass-through Ethernet connection while the mating EB-RJF-PLUG industrial Ethernet plug is field installable around a standard RJ45 Ethernet connector. With a 1/4-turn reverse-bayonet latching system that is quick and easy, these rugged connectors and plugs are the perfect match for CAT5E Kevlar-reinforced Ethernet cabling.


IP67 Water & Corrosion-Proof Connectors Highlights

  • IP67 (NEMA 6) rated to protect against fluids (water, oil, etc.) and dust
  • Shock, vibration and traction (pulling) resistant – MILITARY TOUGH!
  • Strain relief prevents cable breaks
  • Circular reverse-bayonet (1/4-turn) for the quickest and easiest latching
  • Field-installable plugs – No tools required!
  • Fits over standard Ethernet cables
  • Truly industrial rated for any application


These connectors and plugs are industrially rated for extreme temperature operation from -40°C to 85°C making them suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Quick ¼ turn reverse-bayonet latching reduces installation time and costs. The connectors employ the Amphenol patented RJStop® system allowing the plug to be easily installed over any existingEthernet cordset without requiring any tools. You can transform your standard RJ45 cordsets into military-tough IP67 water-proof cables, ready for the harshest applications.


Ethernet Performance

  • Ethernet data rates supported: 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 1000BaseT
  • CAT5E cable supported: per TIA / EIA 568B and ISO /  IEC 11801, Class D
  • CAT6 cable supported: per TIA / EIA 568B and ISO / IEC 11801, Class E


  • Coupling (connection method) reverse bayonet: just a quarter turn and lock
  • RJ45 cordset retention in the plug: 70 N in the axis
  • Mating cycles: 500 minimum


  • Sealing protection IP67 and NEMA 6: dust, oil and water-proof to 1 meter for >30 min
  • Salt spray protection: 1000 hours minimum
  • Fire retardant / low smoke: UL94 V0; NFF 16102, DIN 5510-2
  • Thermal shock: 5 cycles @ -40°C to 100°C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C

Specifications are subject to change.

Order Guide

Part NumberDescription
EB-RJF-BLKHD-1IP67 quick-latching (1/4 turn) bulk-head (through-wall) connector
EB-RJF-PLUG-1IP67 field-installable quick-latching (1/4 turn) Ethernet plug
EB-RJF-CAP-1IP67 protective cap for bulk-head connector


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