Graphite® 12″ Modular HMI, Dual Ethernet, G12C1100 Indoor

Part Number G12C1100

The Red Lion Graphite® 12″ Modular HMI, Dual Ethernet, G12C1100 Indoor


  • 12 inch WXGA Color Widescreen touchscreen (1280 x 800)
  • Indoor Model
  • Up to 20 Simultaneous Protocol Conversions
  • Two 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet Ports
  • Four Fully Isolated Serial Communication Ports, (two RS-232 and two RS-422/485)
  • One USB Type B Port
  • Two High-retention USB Host Ports
  • 8 Module Slots to Easily add I/O Capability with Plug-in Modules
  • 307 x 208 mm Dimensions

Installation Guides

Graphite Range

Part NumberDisplay SizeIndoor/OutdoorDisplaySerial PortsEthernet PortsExpansion
G07C00007"Indoor800 x 4803 isol.15 Module Slots
G07S00007"Outdoor800 x 4803 isol.15 Module Slots
G09C00009"Indoor800 x 4803 isol.16 Module Slots
G09C10009"Indoor800 x 4803 isol.26 Module Slots
G10C000010"Indoor800 x 4803 isol.17 Module Slots
G10C100010"Indoor800 x 4803 isol.27 Module Slots
G10R000010"Indoor800 x 6003 isol.17 Module Slots
G10R100010"Indoor800 x 6003 isol.27 Module Slots
G10S000010"Outdoor640 x 4803 isol.17 Module Slots
G10S100010"Outdoor640 x 4803 isol.27 Module Slots
G12C000012"Indoor1280 x 8003 isol.18 Module Slots
G12C110012"Indoor1280 x 8004 isol.28 Module Slots
G15C000015"Indoor1280 x 7683 isol.18 Module Slots
G15C110015"Indoor1280 x 7684 isol.18 Module Slots

Graphite Video

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