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RAM 9000 Accessories


  • ANT-G30B108111 2G/3G/4G Low-Profile Direct Perm. Mount, 1 SMA Antenna
  • ANT-GA110101111 2G/3G/4G LTE 13″ Whip Magnetic Mount, IP65, 1 SMA Antenna
  • ANT-GW11A153 Antenna Wi-Fi 4″ hinged with RPSMA connector
  • ANT-GW260152 Antenna Wi-Fi 1″ right angle with RPSMA connector
  • ANT-GW715153 Antenna dual Band Wi-Fi 7″ hinged with RPSMA connector
  • ANT-MA710AABI001 Antenna 2G/3G/4G LTE MIMO plus GPS direct permanent mount, IP67 with 3 SMA connectors
  • ANT-MA741ABI001 2G/3G/4G MIMO Direct Permanent Mount, IP67, 2 SMA Antenna
  • ANT-MA760AABIC003 2G/3G/4G/GPS/Wi-Fi LTE MIMO Perm. Mount, IP67 Antenna

Power Supplies


  • RLC-SVM3 SixView Manager® Version 3

Cables/Surge Arrestors

RAM 9000 Product Range

Part NumberCarrierNetworkPortsWi FiPower Input
RAM-9931-ATAT&T 4G2Wi-Fi8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9911-ATAT&T4G2No8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9931-VZVerizon4G2Wi-Fi8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9911-VZVerizon4G2No8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9931-AMGeneric4G2Wi-Fi8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9911-AMGeneric4G2No8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9931-EUGeneric4G2Wi-Fi8-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-9911-EUGeneric4G2No8-30VDC, Screw Connector

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