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RAM® 6900 EU 1 Port Cellular RTU-Europe/Asia (Molex)

RAM-6900-EU 1 Port Cellular RTU-Europe/Asia (Molex)

Part Number: RAM-6900-EU

The Red Lion RAM® 6900 EU 1 Port Cellular RTU-Europe/Asia (Molex)

RAM-6900-EU Specifications:

Wireless Interface

  • Generic carrier for use with GSM based networks in Europe and Asia
  • 4G LTE cellular with 3G fallback
  • Active GPS for device location

Programmable Platform

  • Event Engine with up to 99 configurable events
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • C/C++/Perl

Protocol Gateway

  • I/O controller
  • DNP3 – slave


  • IPsec and SSL


  • NAT, port forwarding, dynamic DNS, DHCP
  • Stateful inspection firewall, IP transparency

Ethernet Interface (10/100 Auto-Sensing)

  • 1x RJ45

Serial Interface

  • 1x RS-232 Serial DB9 115200bps

USB Interface

  • 1x USB 2.0 mini


  • RAM®-6x0X dimensions: steel 120 x 96 x 32 mm (4.7” x 3.77” x 1.25”)
  • RAM-6x0X weight: 453g (1 lb)

Power Input

  • 8-30 Vdc (12 Vdc nominal)


  • Operating temperature: -40° to +75°C
  • Shock: IEC60068-2-27
  • Vibration: IEC60068-2-6
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing


  • CE, EMC: FCC, part 15 and Industry Canada, ICES-003
  • Hazardous locations: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D, ISA 12.12.01
  • Electrical safety: UL508/CSA22.2/14 (CUL)
  • Carrier specific approvals

Inputs & Outputs

  • 1x digital output
  • 1x digital/analog input

Product Range

Part NumberCarrierNetworkPortsPower Input
RAM-6700-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-AT-ACAT&T4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-AT-MXAT&T4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-GEGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-GE-ACGeneric4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-TETelus4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-TE-ACTelus4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-TE-MXTelus4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6700-VZ-ACVerizon4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6700-VZ-MXVerizon4G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6701-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-AT-ACAT&T4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-BMBell Mobility4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-GEGeneric4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-GE-ACGeneric4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-TETelus4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-TE-ACTelus4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6701-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6701-VZ-ACVerizon4G1AC Adapter
RAM-6721-ATAT&T4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-AT-ACAT&T4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-GEGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-GE-ACGeneric4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-TETelus4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-TE-ACTelus4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6721-VZVerizon4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6721-VZ-ACVerizon4G5AC Adapter
RAM-6900-AMGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-EUGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6900-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-AMGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-ATAT&T4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-EUGeneric4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6901-VZVerizon4G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6921-AMGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-ATAT&T4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-EUGeneric4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6921-VZVerizon4G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6600-SPSprint3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-SP-ACSprint3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6600-SP-MXSprint3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-VZVerizon3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6600-VZ-ACVerizon3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6600-VZ-MXVerizon 3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6601-SPSprint 3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6601-SP-ACSprint3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6601-VZVerizon3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6601-VZ-ACVerizon3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6621-SPSprint3G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6621-SP-ACSprint3G5AC Adapter
RAM-6621-VZVerizon3G58-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6621-VZ-ACVerizon3G5AC Adapter
RAM-6800-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-AT-MXAT&T3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-BMBell Mobility3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-BM-MXBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Molex Connector
RAM-6800-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6800-GE-MXGeneric3G1AC Adapter, Molex Connector
RAM-6801-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801-BMBell Mobility3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6801-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6801EB-BMBell Mobility3G1PoE
RAM-6821-ATAT&T3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-AT-ACAT&T3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6821-BMBell Mobility 3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-BM-ACBell Mobility3G1AC Adapter
RAM-6821-GEGeneric3G18-30VDC, Screw Connector
RAM-6821-GE-ACGeneric3G1AC Adapter

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